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Don’t send nudes



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When there’s too much shit you need to get done at once



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When I say ‘I’ve never seen Dirty Dancing, any Aflred Hitchcock movie, any Star Wars film, the Die Hard series, the Terminator movies, that dancing one Kevin Beacon is famous for, Top Gun, a James Bond movie, etc,’ you should see the look on people’s faces. Black people who have immersed themselves in dominant culture kinda give me a ‘really?’ look, but white people are simply flabbergasted. They’re confused, lost, sometimes offended. But then if I ask them ‘well, have you seen Coming To America, Crooklyn, Lean On Me, Raisin In The Sun, Do The Right Thing, School Daze, Harlem Nights, Women of Brewster Place, The Color Purple, etc,’ those same white people seem taken back that they would have been expected to see those films/play.

It’s like this entitlement to have your cultural phenomena known and appreciated when you clearly refuse to even acknowledge the contributions of others.

Not only do people of color tend to be intimately familiar with the cultural tastes of white people while having our cultural contributions ignored when not being appropriated, we’re expected to…and that’s where I have a problem.



This!!!! This…is so important. I am tired of White supremacy being the standard by which what aspects of popular culture are determined to be valuable or not. And truly sick of Black culture being simultaneously hyper-consumed for appropriation, but erased through devaluation.

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The conversation about racism isn’t about simply being offended or simply holding prejudices. It’s about what has happened as a result of those prejudices. And at the end of the day, I can account for a long history of things white people have done to people of color to support a system of white supremacy. Things that do not at all compare to a bunch of black people screaming “fuck whitey”. And it’s offensive to compare these things.

Your hurt feelings will never compare to the genocide of an entire group of people. They will never compare to the rape of culture and tradition as a result of imperialism. Nor will they ever compare to the forced sterilization and murder of children as a means to essentially end a race so that white men can succeed.


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This perfectly summarizes why I love the Simpsons and hate Family Guy. 

^ I used to like family guy when I was younger but as I got older I began to appreciate the beauty that is the Simpsons. The Simpsons is timeless and relies less on the raunchy family guy style.

Watched the crossover and I enjoyed the more Simpson-y stuff.
The fight scene (family guyesque) was too long and honestly I got tired of that gag a long time ago… 

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Malcolm X: Our History Was Destroyed By Slavery 

on March 17, 1963 in Chicago.

see how little we get taught about history - I never had any idea why Malcolm X used the ‘X’. 

how come i never knew this damn

you know why. 

The X makes all the sense in the world now

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So important. I remember watching this scene when it originally aired. Whew. (And loved what see-linewoman explained about why this kinda Black media is no longer on the air.)

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If the Supreme Court rules in the retail giant’s favor, it will be easier for companies to deny workers benefits.

But ableism isn’t real, nor is the cycle of poverty disabled people are forced to live in man-made, right?

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"Ellen Reads Her Chinese Viewers’ Names"


Ellen mispronounces Chinese people’s names and she and her audience laugh at them cuz it’s racistly funny apparently



Ellen uses “American” interchangeably with “English”, as in, the language.

At 2:30: "This one, they didn’t even try to do American, this is just Chinese."

The comments are turned off on this video, but how was this even cleared to be aired?? Fuck you Ellen. This isn’t the first time you’ve been racist on your show.

This is why you weaboos/koreaboos/white ppl CANNOT give yourself a “japanese” or "korean" or "chinese" name for yourself (or any name from a language and culture that’s not your own). Whites take our names as jokes and we’re mocked for it in real life and in the media. 


We’re constantly othered, demeaned, and fetishized. Trash like you butcher our names and turn them into racist caricatures.

Our names are precious and beautiful and meaningful in ways you can’t begin to understand. Our names are carefully crafted together by our parents/family.

You trash don’t deserve to utter our names. Fuck you.

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